Where can I use my Zagat Dining Card?

You can use your Zagat Dining Card at any of our participating restaurants. To view the list of participating restaurants, click here.

Can Zagat Dining Cards be used more than once?

Of course! You can use the gift card as many times and in as many places as the cash value permits.

How do I redeem a Zagat Dining Card?

Book a table at the restaurant of your choice, then print out your eGift Card or simply display it from a mobile device upon arrival.

Do Zagat Dining Cards expire or lose value over time?

No. You cannot use your card after the expiration date, but you can order a replacement card. If available funds remain on your card after the expiration date, simply contact us at 1-866-279-1441 to order a replacement card loaded with the remaining value.

Are there any fees after purchase?

No. There are zero hidden fees.

Can I redeem my Zagat Dining Card at a restaurant listed in the Zagat guidebook but not on

Your eGift Card can only be redeemed at establishments featured on our Zagat Dining Card partner list. The list is already quite extensive and continues to grow every day. To view our list, click here.

I received a Zagat Dining Card by e-mail but it has another person's name on it. Am I still able to use it?

Certainly! A valid Zagat Dining Card may be used by the holder, regardless of the name on it. Our cards are transferable.

Can my Zagat Dining Card be used with special promotions or deals at participating restaurants?

We always recommend that you check with the restaurant beforehand, but in most cases: yes.

I see that when purchasing a Zagat Dining Card, I can have it e-mailed to the recipient on a later date. In this instance, when will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card is charged when you place your order.

I lost my Zagat Dining Card!

Don't worry! If you purchased the gift card, you can resend it from the “My Orders” section of your profile on If you received it from someone, ask him (or her) to resend the gift card from his (or her) profile in the “My Orders” section.

My intended recipient never received the eGift Card. Can I resend it?

No problem. You can resend it as many times as you'd like from your profile in the “My Orders” section.

Can the Zagat Dining Card be used for tips?

Sorry, but the Zagat Dining Card does not cover gratuities. Please use an alternate form of payment to tip your server.

Can I reload my eGift Card?

No (but if you suck up to friends and family, they may buy you another one!).

How do I access my profile?

To access your profile, visit and click “Log in” at the very top of the page. Enter your e-mail and password and click the “Log in” button.

How do I contact Zagat Dining Card customer service?

Our customer service hours are Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 8 PM EST. You can reach us by clicking here, sending an e-mail to, or calling us at 1-866-279-1441.

How can I track my order?

You can track your order online by logging into My Account and selecting the Order Status link. Enter your Order Confirmation Number and click Submit. Once your order is verified, you will see the details of your order.

When will I receive the Zagat Dining Card(s) I ordered?

Zagat Dining Cards will be e-mailed to the recipient on the same business day, unless the option was selected for it to be sent on a later date.

What denominations are available?

The Zagat Dining Card can be valued at any amount between $5-$600.

I visited a participating restaurant, but it would not accept my Zagat Dining Card. What can I do?

This is an incredibly unusual situation! However, if something should happen that results in the restaurant not accepting your Zagat Dining Card, please accept our apology, and contact customer service via e-mail at or call 1-866-279-1441.

Do you have an app for Android and iOS users?

Unfortunately we don't but we have a mobile version of the website. Check it out on your mobile phone!